Agora Gallery, New York 2019

For the Romanian born artist claracarat, who has lived for over 40 years in Germany, painting is a language. Early in life, she discovered that painting allows her to express thoughts and emotions that cannot be expressed any other way. Her mixed media pieces are a quiet and attentive examination of the aspects of the self, revealed in the process of creation. Claracarat uses acrylic or organic paint on canvas or kapa fabric, at times resorting to assemblage. Although she favors abstract compositions, references to figuration appear in most of her work as well. In such pieces as The Green Unknown, UFO, or Avagarda this figurative element has a symbolic, near-mystical value. 


In addition to being an artist, claracarat is a successful designer. Her extensive experience in this field enriches her abilities as an artist as well and contributes to her innovative approach to painting. She works spontaneously, freely interpreting wood, stone, metal and concrete in ways that suit her aesthetic sensibility. Her refined approach to these heavy materials transforms them into elegant, at times nearly weightless elements of her compositions.