A B O U T   M E

Early on I discovered my passion for art and music. It became a most important part of my life, which I still cherish. 

I discovered my ability to transfer my thoughts and sensitivity in paintings, and started to focus on abstract work. This journey of discovery was most exciting to me.

After years of successful, international work throughout interface and surface design, together with my husband, I longed to draw again and returned to dive into my own creativity.

Through my experience in design in those extensive prior years, I learned to incorporate many specific elements and ideas in my paintings, which, for that reason, illustrate a novel form of traditional painting.

My paintings are created spontaneously; my expression of personal interpretation of those structures, such as wood, stone, metal, concrete and most important: “Freedom”, are incorporated in my work in a liberated manner, free from conventional norms.  When I paint, I am accompanied by my second big passion, music.


E X H I B I T I O N  I N  K R O N S T A D T