Paintings · 08. Februar 2020
New paintings 2019-2020
Paintings · 08. Februar 2020
The painting 'Akteus pyramid paradox' was selected by the international jury of Circle Foundation for the Art to receive the Honorable Mention Award.
Expo · 21. Januar 2020
I was selected by the Lyon Circle of Arts international jury with the Magic Room painting, which was published in the catalog of Contemporary Art 2019.
Expo · 14. Dezember 2019
I was selected by the jury of Lyon"s al Circle Foundation of Arts to participate at New York Art Fair 2020 one of the Art Fairs in the world.
Expo · 09. Dezember 2019
Participation claracarat Art Fair Luxembourg 5-8 December 2019.
Expo · 13. Oktober 2019
If you are in LONDON, do not hesitate to come back to this great exhibition: it's Monday, it's at 6 pm, it's in Coningsby Gallery at 30 Tottenham Street, we wait for all those interested in contemporary art and art lovers, the occasion so to meet artists and participate in a very special performance of a dancer coming from Sweden! on show: Petra Bernstein, Therese Boisclair, Antonia Bufi, Claracarat, Eloise de Susanne, Roger De Tanios Art, Fabrizio Fontana, Clara Frers, Gianmaria Giannetti,...
Expo · 26. September 2019
Gent Art Fair, 2019 Monteoliveto Gallery
video · 01. Juli 2019
Claracarat has become a recognizable name in the art landscape of our times. Her courageous, uninhibited handling of the visual arts medium offers a new, unusual imagery articulation which we, the audience, realize with no delay that belongs to us, but in the same extent, it is also us.
30. Juni 2019
Finalist of the competition in international contemporary Masters 13 book 2019.
Expo · 30. Juni 2019
Agora Gallery, New York 2019.

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