Expo · 10. Dezember 2020
Observica, 2020, Fall, Biafarin.
Expo · 21. Januar 2020
I was selected by the Lyon Circle of Arts international jury with the Magic Room painting, which was published in the catalog of Contemporary Art 2019. https://circle-arts.com/circle_quarterly_4/
Expo · 14. Dezember 2019
I was selected by the jury of Lyon"s al Circle Foundation of Arts to participate at New York Art Fair 2020 one of the Art Fairs in the world.
Expo · 09. Dezember 2019
Participation claracarat Art Fair Luxembourg 5-8 December 2019.
Expo · 13. Oktober 2019
If you are in LONDON, do not hesitate to come back to this great exhibition: it's Monday, it's at 6 pm, it's in Coningsby Gallery at 30 Tottenham Street, we wait for all those interested in contemporary art and art lovers, the occasion so to meet artists and participate in a very special performance of a dancer coming from Sweden! on show: Petra Bernstein, Therese Boisclair, Antonia Bufi, Claracarat, Eloise de Susanne, Roger De Tanios Art, Fabrizio Fontana, Clara Frers, Gianmaria Giannetti,...
Expo · 26. September 2019
Gent Art Fair, 2019 Monteoliveto Gallery
Expo · 30. Juni 2019
Agora Gallery, New York 2019.
Expo · 30. Juni 2019
ARTmine Exhibition, New York 2019.
Expo · 30. Juni 2019
Gallery Rossocinabro Roma, Exhibition 2019.
Expo · 30. Juni 2019
Moon Dreaming, opening on July 4th in Paris, a project Monteoliveto gallery welcomed at 25 Rue De Seine By The Gallery Etienne De Causans, an overview of the works of claracarat: in ancient legends the galactic egg is the egg of the Mystical moon that gives birth to a universal dragon, which travels at an extreme speed in time and space and creates whole worlds...

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